Renovation Coaching

What is a Renovation Coach and why do I need one?

Most people are uncertain whether it makes sense—in terms of effort, expenditure, and time–to improve the house they’re living in or one they are interested in purchasing.  A Renovation Coach can provide a realistic assessment that will give you the confidence to decide if remodeling is right for you.Brian Jewell, Renovation Coach

A Renovation Coach can help you create an action-plan for your home renovation project that makes sense. This plan should include establishing a budget and developing a prioritized list of needs and wishes. What’s more, the process of creating the plan will help you understand what to expect, both before, during, and after, your home renovation project is completed.

Potential homeowners can also benefit from a Renovation Coach before buying a home.  A Renovation Coach can provide advice on the potential of the home to become the home of your dreams.  Brian will meet with you at the property and discuss your needs and wants.  We assess the condition of the property, discuss various design options, help you formulate a realistic budget, timeline and tell you what to expect during the planning phase and actual construction. When you have realistic expectations there are fewer unwelcome surprises.

When you hire Brian as your Renovation Coach, he will only work as your consultant, not your remodeler.  By working only as your advisor, you can be confident that Brian is giving you objective and unbiased guidance.  With over 30 years experience in residential and commercial remodeling, you can be assured that Brian is the perfect coach for your renovation projects!

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  1. A lot of factors to consider if you want your place renovated. Of course, you can’t do it all alone. You need people and they should be the right ones who can totally help you with the whole process or renovation and remodeling ideas.

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